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Ottoman Empire by Train with Alice Roberts is a new 5 part series for Channel 4. It follows Alice exploring the complex and sometimes brutal story of the Ottoman dynasty.

From Adana near Syria Alice follows the railways through Turkey, into the Balkans and ending at Budapest.

Bossanova and Spark Media

Released in 2024...

Feature documentary - later in 2024

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When it comes to dog welfare Dr Marc Abraham is in the middle of a conspiracy, in both Britain and America.


Dogspiracy is the much anticipated documentary following this English vet as he seeks to end cruel puppy mills and ban pet stores from selling puppies. He weaves his way through various problems to find hidden barriers. On his mission to change the law he gains undercover access to Amish puppy mills with a Republican senator as his side-kick .


But he soon discovers that there are dark forces at work.

DonArt Films

Film Festivals from Spring

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A short documentary that connects lead paint used in Baltimore's public housing with its notoriety as the most violent city in America.

Myron Higgins was brought up in the row homes made famous in The Wire. As small child he was controversially used  by scientists in a lead poisoning study. At 18 he won $250,000 compensation. But the damage was done by then. Myron spent every cent in a few wild months and has lived on the breadline since. This is Myron's first documentary.

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short documentary

Three Texans have left their day jobs to

become RANCHERS.

Initiated by the pandemic they are learning to live off the land.

Is it a dream life and can they survive the extreme Texan weather?

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