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MARCH 2023

'Cast in Iron' behind the scenes with Mark Noble filmed between 2015 and 2023.  Mark played for and captained his local team West Ham, spending his entire career with them becoming one of the longest serving one team players of the modern era.

Premiered 9th March 2023, BT Sports/TNT Sports

ricky gervais lucy's law.jpg

DonArt Films


Independent feature documentary

...currently in post production

Dogspiracy follows vet Marc Abraham as he tries to change the way we treat dogs.

From industrial scale dog breading to puppies sold in pet stores and other terrible issues.

But will politicians in both the US and UK listen to him and change the law? 

The first of a new global brand with Alice Roberts taking train journeys through empires and civilisations of years gone by.  

Coming soon... 


Ranchers banner.jpg


Film Festival short


Three Texans have left their humdrum day jobs to become RANCHERS.

Initiated by the pandemic they are now learning to live off the land.

But is it the dream life they hoped for? And can they survive the extreme Texan weather?

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