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'Cast in Iron' is a short film made with Mark Noble from 2015 to 2022.  He is a rarity in top flight football, a player who played for and captained his local team, West Ham. Adored by the fans he eventually retired at the end of the 2021/22 season. 

9th March 2023

ricky gervais lucy's law.jpg


Independent feature documentary

Dogspiracy follows vet, author and political campaigner Marc Abraham as he investigates the sad and brutal treatment of dogs. He sees the industrial scale of dog breading, and works on banning puppies from being sold in pet stores, meeting politicians in the US and UK telling them how to put an end to it. This film will empower the viewer to enable them to be part of the solution, putting an end to the cruelty towards breeding dogs and their puppies.

DonArt Films

COMING SOON on Channel 4, summer 2023


Film Festival short

Three Texans in three parts of east Texas have left behind the desk job to try their hand at ranching. Initiated by the pandemic they are now living off the land. But is it the dream life they hoped for?

Alamo Pictures

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