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  • Paul Crompton

SZIF mentorship weekend - just before the world went into lockdown

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

The Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund weekend saw film-makers and decision-makers from all over America gather in Baltimore.

Around 30 Baltimore-ites qualified for the mentoring weekend with film and VR projects as wide ranging as a gallery installation on the "rough ride" used by the local police force, a campaigning documentary on a lead paint poisoning scandal in public housing to a biopic on a local actor from the 1930s who starred in the controversial "Freaks" film and an environmental VR piece on the water quality of the Baltimore Bay. A weekend of workshops, presentations, coaching for pitches, dining and drinking made for a wonderful event.

For me, the additional attraction of running every morning and getting to know the streets made famous in The Wire - the greatest TV series ever. (Just ahead of The Sopranos).

Follow ups for the rest of 2020 are being done by email and Zoom. Hopefully 2021 will see some of these projects successfully completed and - fingers crossed - a return to real in-the-room meetings.... creative industries need this!

links to my runs in Baltimore....

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